October 2004 archive

red sox victory parade IX: folke & arroyo




i wasn’t able to get a good shot of it, but there were some guys in the crowd carrying a sign that said “world folke’n champions!”

so unless i’m able to dig up some missing pics in my hard drive these are the last of my red sox pics from 2004. what am going to do with all my time now?

another person is also having a hard time focusing his mind on non-red sox things.

red sox victory parade V: manny & millar




yes, thats manny’s famous sign that read: “jeter is playing golf somewhere today. this is better!” we wondered about that sign a bit since its hard to picture manny at home in the ritz with markers and posterboard. but they said in the paper today it was a fan created sign, so i guess he was give it by someone in the crowd. apparently he really like it since we could still see him carrying it 20 min later when we were watching the rest of the parade inside on the tv.

sadly big papi was on the opposite side of the boat and wasn’t able to see him at all.

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