northwest weekly

the is the reading town square. in december these trees are all lit with christmas lights.

sign for a new wine shop in town. (or maybe it isn’t THAT new, its been a while after all. new to me.)

door to the children’s room in the old library. the library moved to a new location when i was in elementary school. my mom did a silkscreen about the move and everyone could bring old tshirts and get a drawing of the “the reading public library is moving” silkscreened on. when i see these doors i think of the book marie louise’s heyday.

signs of spring.

the reading town hall. this is where i registered to vote the week i turned 18. also, the lawn in front was where the RMHS marching band performed christmas carols every year as the lights in the sqaure were turned on.

northwest weekly was the local section of the boston globe that covered reading, massachusetts. aren’t you glad i didn’t title this post “walk down memory lane”?

i needed to pick up some things from CVS while i was home, and though why not swing by good old reading and go to the CVS on main street? it is strange to see a street i probably saw almost everyday growing up, so many things are still the same (like the white church and town square) but so many things are very different (new shops, new banks, and did i get taller since i was here last?)

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