March 2005 archive

self portrait on my 29th birthday (with cowboy boots)


The verdict is in and my suspicions have been confirmed: I do not look 29. I’m glad I listened to my mom about the whole sunscreen thing. I’ve been wearing SPF 15 everyday for the past 10 years.

You’ve probably noticed the design for this site has change a bit today. Its not a new design, I recycled one from Spring 2003. I spend all day yesterday trying to come up with ideas for a new design but everything was crap. (I felt like Beezus when she was trying to paint the Pegasus.) I finally gave up trying to find something new and recycled an old design I liked. I was going back and forth about having a single photo per entry instead of a bunch, but I really like the multiple photo post and I think it works for my stuff though it does seem to restrict my design options. Trackbacks and comments are long gone because I can’t deal with the avalanche of spam.

So this is basically it. I am also trying to write bit about each photo series instead of just slapping them up there. I took a look at my favorite photoblogs and they all did an amazing job combining photos & words (examples: superhero journal, heather champ, brownglasses, jen gray, rion, and others) so I’m trying to get more wordy with my entries.

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