August 2005 archive

Bright flowers


Leaving in a few hours for a trip to Denver for a few days. After Denver, Brenda, Val and I will be enjoying Road Trip 2005 as we drive cross country from Denver to Conn. While I’m gone check out the pics from from the previous Road Trip 2001.

on display at boston city hall


Three of my photos have been on display at Boston City Hall since the end of May as part of Boston 375 Views. So why did I not post anything until now? I meant to post an announcement here since May. But it first happened right around the wedding, so I was busy with that and kept forgetting, then we were packing up our Houston apt and getting ready to move to Chicago in June, and then well we know what happened begining of July which made it not seem important at all in the grand scheme of things. But now that I’ve slowly starting to come out of the fog, it was suddenly very important to post this bit of news. Especially since Stan was always so good at encouraging me to submit my photos to things like this. Lousy timing on my part since the exhibit ends Sept 1st (sorry!), but if you are interested in seeing the photos in person you can seen the in Room 716 of Boston City Hall for the next week and a half.

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