saralovering.com is the photoblog by me, Sara Anderson Piaseczynski of Brooklyn, NY. I have previously lived in Boston, Massachusetts, Houston, Texas, and Queens, NY. Lovering is my middle name.

I’ve been on the web since since 1997. More old versions of this site can been found heresaralovering.com has over a thousand photo entries dating back to 1999.

I also blog about my obsession with bags, pocketbooks, purses, and what have you over at thebagblog.com.

Please do not download, store, and *especially* do not directly link to any of these images without email permission.

» One of my Scrabble Street Sign photos was featured in the New York Times, both online and in print, in August 2011

» 3 of my photos were on display at Logan Airport, Boston in Summer of 2005.

» 3 of my photos were on display at Boston City Hall
through from May through August 2005 as part of Boston 375 Views.