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One Year Ago


A crowd gathered at Boston City Hall building to cheer on many gay couples who were finally able to legally wed. My photos of the celebrations are here, here, and here. The celebrations, from what I saw were full of peace and joy, a marked contract from the protests in Feb 04 seen here, here and here.

This is the same city hall the Stan and I stopped by last month to fill out the paperwork for our impending marriage ceremony. Many people claimed that once gays could get married straight couples would no longer be interested in the institution of marriage. Well I’m happy to report that simply isn’t true. In fact, I am even more excited and proud to be joining an institution that welcomes all, instead of forbidding some to join. Hooray for weddings for one and all!

Somewhat unrelated article about the ugly architecture of this building. How did such a beautiful city end up with such a clunker of a city hall?

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