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060505_blue01.jpg 060505_lion.jpg 060505_menino.jpg 060305_rainy01.jpg 053105_bean.jpg 053105_fence.jpg 053105_buck.jpg 053105_verm.jpg 053105_fen.jpg 053105_boston.jpg 053005_wed.jpg 052605-garden.jpg 052305_beer01.jpg 052205_glass01.jpg 052105_print01.jpg 052005_green.jpg almost to houston... commerce street, downtown dallas... 051605_cityhall.jpg 67 foot sam houston on I-45 in between houston and dallas.... photofriday: space... flight to vegas... ross at his northeastern graduation... 22nd street... photo taken in freeport, texas... photo taken in freeport, texas... photo taken in freeport, texas... The Digital Rebel has finally arrived. I shot a quick test run around the neighborhood and here are the results. Some past test rolls: no 2 brownie wristcam test canon s40 trial run sara's forst holga roll my frst lomo roll pencam trial... 041205_dd03.jpg 041205_dd02.jpg 041205_dd01.jpg 041205_letters01.jpg while shooting the outside of this building in chinatown i noticed a number of small birds have made their homes in the large metal letters.... View of the back of a church from Newbury Steet.... Winter view of the Fenway Victory Gardens. I applied for my own patch of land, but I hear there is a waiting list.... Getting our marriage license at Boston's City Hall. The same City Hall where this happened a year ago. In MA, the marriage license says "Party A" and "Party B" instead of "Husband" and "Wife". Nice.... Everytime I think I've taken pictures of every nook and cranny of Boston I discover something new. This past Friday I walked around a lovely area in the South End that I have never seen before, including walking by these lovely old painted signs.... The verdict is in and my suspicions have been confirmed: I do not look 29. I'm glad I listened to my mom about the whole sunscreen thing. I've been wearing SPF 15 everyday for the past 10 years. You've probably noticed the design for this site has change a bit today. Its not a new design, I recycled one from Spring 2003. I spend all day yesterday trying to come up with ideas for a new design but everything was crap. (I felt like Beezus when she was trying to paint the Pegasus.) I finally gave up trying to find something new and recycled an old design I liked. I was going back and forth about having a single photo per entry instead of a bunch, but I really like the multiple photo post and I think it works for my stuff though it does seem to restrict my design options. Trackbacks and comments are long gone because I can't deal with the avalanche of spam. So this is basically it. I am also trying to write bit about each photo series instead of just slapping them up there. I took a look at my favorite photoblogs and they all did an amazing job combining photos & words (examples: superhero journal, heather champ, brownglasses, jen gray, rion, and others) so I'm trying to get more wordy with my entries.... stand up straight! Galveston is full of beautiful old buildings with all sorts of intricate details. Many of these buildings also have a plaque commemorating that they are a survivor of the storm. I took this picture while the camera was hanging around my neck. I spotted the woman in the head to toe pink outfit and couldn't resist taking a picture. But I didn't want to be obvious so I just took the picture without looking and hoped for the best. A little blurry but I still like it. We spotted this boarded up building while walking from Stewart Beach to the historical district. Everything was fenced off and the windows were boarded up. I like the way the sun in shinning down in the first photo and the rusted metal in the second photo. While visiting Galveston we stopped by the Galveston Tea Company which is an interesting combination of loose tea, used books and koi fish swimming around in an indoor pond. I purchased and ounce of white tea and 3 ounces of India Darjeeling. I am reading about white tea everywhere and how good it is for you, but to me it tastes like green tea which I never lived very much. The India Darjeeling, on the other hand, is delicious. Perfect to sip with a little organic low fat milk next to my iBook. photofriday: tiny... so far, the beer can house is the BEST THING i have seen so far in houston. if you are in the area check it out.... you can bet i came to a screeching halt when i saw this guy on the side of the road.... Nominations for the Photobloggies are now open. I'd be honored if you wanted to nominate my Ye Olde Humble web site for an award.... Nominations for the Photobloggies are now open. I'd be honored if you wanted to nominate my Ye Olde Humble web site for an award.... off main st, downtown houston... i stumbled ont he palace boot shop while walking around town. the "going out of business signs" caught my attention. the shop has been around for 87 years.... downtown houston on a cloudy day... it got a hand me down digital elph from my mom. love not having to carry around my bulky canon g3.... me & mom reflected in the mirror... so many changes to this area. the elevated rail is gone, sun is shining on causeway street for the first time in about 100 years, and i now go downstairs into the subway to get the green line instead of up a flight of rickety stairs. wish i had gotten some good pictures of the elevated platform before they removed it.... sad that the very bostonian jordan mash has been replaced with the generic macy's.... the is the reading town square. in december these trees are all lit with christmas lights. sign for a new wine shop in town. (or maybe it isn't THAT new, its been a while after all. new to me.) door to the children's room in the old library. the library moved to a new location when i was in elementary school. my mom did a silkscreen about the move and everyone could bring old tshirts and get a drawing of the "the reading public library is moving" silkscreened on. when i see these doors i think of the book marie louise's heyday. signs of spring. the reading town hall. this is where i registered to vote the week i turned 18. also, the lawn in front was where the RMHS marching band performed christmas carols every year as the lights in the sqaure were turned on. ______ northwest weekly was the local section of the boston globe that covered reading, massachusetts. aren't you glad i didn't title this post "walk down memory lane"? i needed to pick up some things from CVS while i was home, and though why not swing by good old reading and go to the CVS on main street? it is strange to see a street i probably saw almost everyday growing up, so many things are still the same (like the white church and town square) but so many things are very different (new shops, new banks, and did i get taller since i was here last?)... a painting my mom is doing for my sister's bare walls from a photo of SF. If you are looking for someone to do a painting from a photo or in person she is available for hire.... i return to boston after being out of new england for a month and a half--the longest of my entire life. plane window shots are some of my favorites. I always request the window seat if possible. here is a beautiful series from SFO to JFK from check out seatguru if you need help picking a seat where the wing won't get in the way of the photo.... antique store, calvert, texas... calvert, tx... waco, texas... waco, texas... waco, texas... waco, texas... looks like a haunted high school to me... photo in antique store... stained glass windows removed from english castles, antique store on westheimer.... antique store on westheimer... antique store on westheimer... antique store on westheimer... we returned to dean's credit clothing for some night time neon shots and a couple beers.... when we first moved into our corporate housing they actually had FAKE PLANTS in the apt--yuck! I put the fake plants in the closet and got this aftrain violet at the grocery store. i didn't think it would last for too long, but look--it is already growing new flowers.... i took some pictures today of this building in downtown houston because i loved the retro signs. i assumed it was just a clothing store. one google search later and i find out dean's is much more. i can't wait to go back at night.... another alley view.... Any CSS wizards out there who can help a girl out? was almost done until i realized that the third column is breaking from the layout and falling below the rest of the layout in IE. Then i tried to "fix" it and ended up causing the same thing to happen in safari. Anyone out there who can help me fix it so the 3 columns fall horizontally?? Contact me if you have a guess. This is enough to make me want to go back to a nice simple three column table layout.... more from our port of houston boat tour.... very much inspired by sugar and salt. too bad i wasn't able to get closer to the boats but with all the security in the ship channel i'm sure they frown on that.... for the record it is imagine my suprise, in this strange city, to turn the corner at the MFAH and see a familiar face. i've seen another version of Bacchante with Infant Faun many times in the BPL courtyard. The boston versions can can be seen here and here. story of the statue here.... outside the museum of fine arts houston.... my reflection outside the glassell school, next to the museum of fine arts, houston. i like how the glass tile things made this photo look like i ran it through the lovely glow effect.... at 215 welch i returned a second time to pick up the cowgirl boots i had put on hold. thats right a used pair of black leather/lizzard boots are now mine! and yes i did first read about this store in lucky magazine.... across the street from 215 welch... outside the texas junk company, 215 welch street... at 215 Welch Street signs new at a reorganized photo gallery including photos organized by boston neighborhood. just the cure for a touch of home sickness.... maybe it is because i am new to town and more observant then usual, but i swear the sunsets in houston are the prettiest i've ever seen. near the corner of post oak and westheimer... we bit off a little more then we could chew for our first day trip outside houston. due to some meandering on our part we ended up getting to nacogdoches after dark and everything had closed. who knew the states out here are bigger then back home?? where is nacogdoches you ask?... store window in nacogdoches, texas... right before we took these pics we saw a family go by on an ATV with shotguns strapped to their backs. hm.... our first visit to louisiana (we didn't stay long).... i had to step back a bit to try to show my fancy pink satin pointy flats i purchased in san francisco this past fall.... even though it has only been about a week, i do find myself missing little things about boston. i am however, looking forward to 6 months worth of exploring texas.... another accidental shot that i really like... at kaveh kanes... some sort of public art perhaphs?... a dusty dark old bar filled with old stuff. two bostonians felt right at home!... of course after a day of exploring we ended up in houston's oldest building.... having grown up in a house built in 1696 and then living in boston for the past 5 years my biggest fear in moving to houston was that everything would be big and new. for the most part that is true, but we walked around downtown houston today and discovered some nice old, preserved buildings that made me feel right at home.... great smokey mountains perhaphs?... handmade by my mom. melrose, ma... playing a rousing christmas morning game of "all about presidents" the presidential trivia game. thank you's to my sister for purchasing the game for stan for christmas and to neil the 10 year old GAME INVENTOR. yay neil! melrose, ma... my last walk through the public garden for a long time... what are these? they are located on boylston st past mass ave near the charlesgate on ramp. were there long gone apartment buildings located on that part of the street and this was part of the entranceway? strange, i have never seen markers like these on any other boston sidewalks.... also on boylston street... this is our neighborhood liquor store that was used as an interior shot in mystic river. there is a sign by the register written on cardboard that says "NO CELL PHONES!! If you talk on your phone we will take it away!"... on a very cold night.... today my mom and i selected the pattern (far right, top dress), fabric and lace. in case you were wondering, she will be doing all the sewing, etc. I am just helping with the selection!... wilmington, ma... wilmington, ma... hooray, looks like bostonist may be happening!... ladies, take my advice and find yourself a man who can sew!... micah can also be seen here.... flying over east boston and check out this beautiful plane landing photo.... flying back from phoenix... gilligan's, phoenix... gilligan's, phoenix... scottsdale... scottsdale... ...well not really, but they sure did look fierce. at the gainey ranch, scottsdale... another one from the ganiey ranch in scottsdale.... scottsdale... also at the ganiey ranch in scottsdale ~~~ does anyone know what font/dingbat this is: i want to use it for our save the date cards, but i don't know the name. if you do, let me know.... the ganiey ranch resort ~~~ tired after spending 12 hours getting back from arizona with three different flights. now just reading all the blogs i missed and trying to get some turkey soup cooked up before i crash. ~~~ deserving by andrea.... i too have often wondered about this odd sign on arlington st.... 111304e_lamps02-thumb.jpg 111304e_lamps01.jpg 111304d_rose01.jpg 111304c_lamp.jpg this was near the safeway in the mission. maybe lissy can email me the cross streets? i didn't intend for it to come out so black against the sky but i like it.... 16th street, i highly suggest getting the sundries tomato cream cheese spred.... 111304_montmo01.jpg 111304_mont01.jpg i couldn't help myself when i saw the gold shell sink in the ladies room at kennedy's pub and curry house. the camera just sailed out of my pocketbook. luckily no one walked in while i was shooting.... outside sullivan's kennedy's pub and curry house ($3 $5 pitchers of PBR by the way!) we met up at sullivan's kennedy's to watch game 3 of the alcs. before we entered we asked merlin if the red sox would win the world series. he told us: "You will endure some hardship in the near future, but eventually evereything will turn out for the best, and unending happiness will be yours." right after we went inside and sat down with out PBR pitchers we saw on the TV that game 3 had been rained out. we weren't sure how that figured into our fourture. however, it all working out in the end.... as required by law, here are my mandatory tourist photos of the curviest street in the world.... crack from a past earthquake maybe?... my refelction in one of the many hearts in sf. also: blue heart & painted heart... taken sometime after bridge rising from fog... boy did that suck. and they worst part was that after i messed my my MT config, couldn't figure out my mysql database and was switching hosts, my site was stuck in suspended animation wondering if kerry would win or loose. even though i knew the sad answer to that question. so now that i sort of have everything back up and running i had to get that entry off the front page.... construction begins where john kerry will give a speech tomorrow night. what kind of speech will it be?... i wasn't able to get a good shot of it, but there were some guys in the crowd carrying a sign that said "world folke'n champions!" so unless i'm able to dig up some missing pics in my hard drive these are the last of my red sox pics from 2004. what am going to do with all my time now? another person is also having a hard time focusing his mind on non-red sox things.... and you can kind of see varitek on the other side of the boat... yes, thats manny's famous sign that read: "jeter is playing golf somewhere today. this is better!" we wondered about that sign a bit since its hard to picture manny at home in the ritz with markers and posterboard. but they said in the paper today it was a fan created sign, so i guess he was give it by someone in the crowd. apparently he really like it since we could still see him carrying it 20 min later when we were watching the rest of the parade inside on the tv. sadly big papi was on the opposite side of the boat and wasn't able to see him at all.... sorry to all the johnny fans who visit this site. but that last pic was the best one i got of him. i would have been much better if the jerk next to me hadn't bumped my elbow right when i was taking the picture.... (bonus: i just noticed the guy to the left is wearing a reading lacrosse sweatshirt. go rockets!)... at charley's on newbury st. a lucky place to be since that is where we also watch the red sox beat the yankees in game 7. this time we were at the upstairs bar which was much more mellow a crowd, but we were happy to find the last two free bar stools in all of boston.... brenda, val and i at the uconn homecoming val and melinda on my roof the night before the victory parade stan enjoys a victory cigar after the world series win some random guy leading cheers at the uconn homecoming... ANOTHER banner soon to follow!... this one is for my sister who loves to whisper sweet nothings to johnny as he steps up to the plate. another great johnny sighting!... 102404_uconn.jpg i have a ton of SF pictures to post...but for today here are some shots i took walking around fenway this morning. keep the faith!... introducing the world's smartest kitten: professor growley pants phd, the proud owner of my sister & jeff. for your enjoyment the professor's adventures will be chonicled over here.... 101904_uconn06.jpg 101904_uconn01.jpg 101004_deana01.jpg at the crowne royal plaza in downtown hartford getting ready for deana's lovely wedding.... fair01.jpg a few weekends ago we took my camera and a tripod down to the charles river to take some engagement pictures. the final pictures is here but this is my favorite of the outtakes. also stan may or may not be chronicling our six months in texas over at the no hat, no cattle blog. you'll have to tune in to see.... i saw this in the lobby of the library and almost walked past it until the sign in front of it caught my eye: feel free to "become an angel". more about the sargent murals here.... i've been trying to take my own version of this wonderful picture from here is the latest effort.... i used to walk by this mural on the side of a building everyday when i was living in mission hill. now it looks like it is being slowly covered up by new construction.... richmond... and my umbrella, burlington... colchester... colchester, photo by stan... essex junction... downtown, burlington... waterfront, burlington... waterfront, burlington... colchester... photofriday: furry... dowtown burlington... on and around church street... .... we're engaged!... outside the starbucks in government center. more info about the tea kettle here. =================== will be going dormant for a week as we go off the grid to a lakeside cabin in vermont for a week. no cell, and no internet. lots of books and a hammock. (though we probably won't be able to stop ourselves from stopping off at the library for an internet fix.) this trip will begin a fall full of travel: -early sept: week in vermont -mid-september: atlantic city for a weekend -mid-october: week in san fran -mid-nov: week in phoneix -some point in dec: houston bound!... in the king's chapel burying ground.... statue in front of the boston public library. the pair of statues have recently been painted or sanded (?) so they are a dull dark brown. they used to be much more interesting when they were a beautiful weathered green.... ode to there were actually two of these couches left out on the street. they must have been beautiful (and very busy) back when they were new with the roses and poppies in the design. the city of boston is tagging abandoned furniture in brighton now with giant neon orange stickers saying "may contain bedbugs! do not remove!" _______________________ heather should really come to boston this time of year. detritus as far as the eye can see! ___________________ abandoned couch II Originally uploaded by saralovering. _______________________ warning! do not take this abandoned counch home! Originally uploaded by saralovering.... abandoned on orkney rd... another shot of my new favorite statue... in the middle of a city full of beautiful old buildings, it always amazes me when ugly modern buildings are built with no regards to the old buildings in the area. seems this happened mostly in the 50's & 60's under the guise of urban renewal. today most new building seem to be built to better fit into their surroundings, but plenty remain that do not. for example this church on beacon st. photofriday: modern... 080804_shop03.jpg 080804_park03.jpg 080804_shop01-thumb.jpg 080804_bb03-thumb.jpg at the resevior t stop... another angel... brighton roof more photos of this same sunset (sunday, 8/22)... brighton... in brighton, idea by stan... 070804_seawr01.jpg charles river at sunset... 070804_sea101.jpg 070804_kbs01.jpg 070804_kb01.jpg 07_m02.jpg 06_bb01.jpg 05_rm11.jpg 05_rm04.jpg 07_fly02.jpg 06_sf01.jpg 05_pch01.jpg beacon hill doorways and gates... 082203_flowers02.jpg 082203_walk17.jpg 082203_walk05.jpg 082203_lissy01.jpg 071202_005.jpg 071202_007.jpg 070902_001.jpg 061902_001.jpg 033006_10.jpg


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