Back Bay
031406_skyline.jpg 010906_duck.jpg 060505_roof.jpg 060505_dome.jpg 053105_boston.jpg me & mom reflected in the mirror... on a very cold night.... hooray, looks like bostonist may be happening!... 071202_005.jpg 071202_007.jpg

Beacon Hill beacon hill doorways and gates...



051206_dots.jpg 050506_upa.jpg 050506_upa.jpg 050406_greendoor.jpg 042506_vines01.jpg 042506_claw.jpg 033006_10.jpg 033006_bud01.jpg 032106_mitboats01.jpg 022306_stars01.jpg 020906_yield.jpg 020906_ball.jpg 020706_electlight.jpg 020606_5502.jpg 020606_5501.jpg 020606_sky.jpg 012106_blurryst.jpg 020306_hydrant.jpg 020106_steam.jpg 012106_street.jpg 012106_fence.jpg 013006_broken.jpg 012106_hydrant03.jpg 012306-vines01.jpg 012106_hydrant02.jpg 012106_hydrant01.jpg 012106_view.jpg 011706_river.jpg 011506_sunset.jpg 011306_mass.jpg 011006_log.jpg 122505_light.jpg 121305_finished.jpg 121305_newold.jpg 121305_modern.jpg 120705_moon01.jpg 111505_bike.jpg 110505_tin.jpg 110105_stapuls.jpg 110105_me.jpg 110105_mta.jpg 101905_token.jpg 101905_view.jpg 101505_hall.jpg 101505_ivy01.jpg 100905_sibs.jpg 100505_mirror.jpg 092405_me01.jpg 092405_tealuxe.jpg

Charlestown Chinatown
041205_dd03.jpg 041205_dd02.jpg 041205_dd01.jpg 041205_letters01.jpg while shooting the outside of this building in chinatown i noticed a number of small birds have made their homes in the large metal letters.... 061902_001.jpg

102307_sox01.jpg 090907_daisy.jpg 090507_funeral.jpg 051706_puddle.jpg 062505_home01.jpg 060505_menino.jpg ross at his northeastern graduation... Getting our marriage license at Boston's City Hall. The same City Hall where this happened a year ago. In MA, the marriage license says "Party A" and "Party B" instead of "Husband" and "Wife". Nice.... so many changes to this area. the elevated rail is gone, sun is shining on causeway street for the first time in about 100 years, and i now go downstairs into the subway to get the green line instead of up a flight of rickety stairs. wish i had gotten some good pictures of the elevated platform before they removed it.... sad that the very bostonian jordan mash has been replaced with the generic macy's....

Jamaica Plain

Mission Hill
012906_psychic.jpg 100105_bike.jpg 062606_pig.jpg 070902_001.jpg

North End

Public Garden & Boston Common
070105_4th01.jpg 061905_03swan.jpg 061905_02statue.jpg 060505_lion.jpg 053005_wed.jpg 052605-garden.jpg even though it has only been about a week, i do find myself missing little things about boston. i am however, looking forward to 6 months worth of exploring texas.... my last walk through the public garden for a long time...

Red Sox related
042008_fenway01.jpg 102307_sox01.jpg 091106_fen01a.jpg 091106_good.jpg 100105_game01.jpg i wasn't able to get a good shot of it, but there were some guys in the crowd carrying a sign that said "world folke'n champions!" so unless i'm able to dig up some missing pics in my hard drive these are the last of my red sox pics from 2004. what am going to do with all my time now? another person is also having a hard time focusing his mind on non-red sox things.... and you can kind of see varitek on the other side of the boat... yes, thats manny's famous sign that read: "jeter is playing golf somewhere today. this is better!" we wondered about that sign a bit since its hard to picture manny at home in the ritz with markers and posterboard. but they said in the paper today it was a fan created sign, so i guess he was give it by someone in the crowd. apparently he really like it since we could still see him carrying it 20 min later when we were watching the rest of the parade inside on the tv. sadly big papi was on the opposite side of the boat and wasn't able to see him at all.... sorry to all the johnny fans who visit this site. but that last pic was the best one i got of him. i would have been much better if the jerk next to me hadn't bumped my elbow right when i was taking the picture.... (bonus: i just noticed the guy to the left is wearing a reading lacrosse sweatshirt. go rockets!)... at charley's on newbury st. a lucky place to be since that is where we also watch the red sox beat the yankees in game 7. this time we were at the upstairs bar which was much more mellow a crowd, but we were happy to find the last two free bar stools in all of boston.... brenda, val and i at the uconn homecoming val and melinda on my roof the night before the victory parade stan enjoys a victory cigar after the world series win some random guy leading cheers at the uconn homecoming... this one is for my sister who loves to whisper sweet nothings to johnny as he steps up to the plate. another great johnny sighting!... i have a ton of SF pictures to post...but for today here are some shots i took walking around fenway this morning. keep the faith!...

Revere Beach